As you may know, Crossrail 1 is currently under construction linking East London with West London and passing right through the centre of town – Tottenham Court Road perhaps being a known example  of the huge impact in time and space of the project.

Well, Crossrail 2 is a proposed new train line, broadly linking North London to South London from Southgate to Wimbledon, involving 50+ stations.

The project is just beginning its life, with construction and funding many years off. There’s already been 3 versions of the route that directly affects Tooting:

1. Tooting Broadway was a station along the route with a ventilation and emergency access shaft proposed by the Skylark Cafe, Wandsworth Common.
2. Due to public outcry, the ventilation and emergency access shaft was shifted to an overspill car park near Wandsworth Prison, with Tooting Broadway still the proposed station in our neighbourhood. Everything seemed good, until…
3. Due to more detailed geological surveys revealing challenging conditions underground at Tooting Broadway, Balham Station was proposed as a more practically feasible option with the ventilation and emergency access shaft returning to Wandsworth Common, this time adjacent to Bolingbroke Grove, because of track curvature constraints between Balham and Clapham Junction.

Still with me?  Critically, there is a consultation open NOW which is gathering public feedback on the Balham (and by association Tooting Broadway) plan.

This consultation closes on Friday 8th Jan. 
We encourage you all to contribute your views!

Please do fill in the questionnaire on TfL’s site following the hyperlink HERE , click on “Balham” as there is no Tooting Broadway option… tactics..?.. make your comment on Tooting Broadway in Question 23.

Here’s some useful information:

An EXCELLENT 6 minute video championing Tooting as a destination for the station and explaining why.

TfL’s site is HERE

the Save Wandsworth Common campaign page on Facebook and web

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesperson for Tooting Constituency, Dan Watkins carried out his own survey across the area, results and comments are HERE

And Sadiq Khan, Labour MP for Tooting and Mayoral candidate reported in the Wandsworth Guardian HERE and HERE

A dated, but useful video showing the Tooting Broadway option, useful because it shows the rest of the route and interconnections.

Crossrail 2 Managing Director, Michelle Dix, explains the benefit here, again dated by showing Tooting Broadway as the preferred option.

All best and look forward to seeing you soon,