Twenty people joined in this partnership project’s Design Workshops held on 10 & 11 March: connecting, analysing, sharing, debating.

We did just what we needed to do. We were a mixed group of experts, the interested and novices navigating explanations, challenges, concentration, humour and insights:

We analysed the diverse settings that local gardeners are using – from back gardens to paved patios to balconies.

We explored the potential benefits to pollinators
“Would the planting make a difference to individual targeted species or should we focus on a broad group of pollinators?”

We shared our own knowledge and experience about the pollinating plants to select for the different settings – and we found new resources too.

We met new colleagues and connected across the borough  “I never knew there were so many other people locally who are interested in the same things as me…”

We looked forward at the shape of the project, and some new opportunities – for example “shall we include making the planting containers using re-purposed materials?”

We finished the second workshop feeling optimistic together about the project, with plenty of homework from the 2 afternoons and much to plan.

Thanks to all including the visiting experts, plus Lizzy and Hannah from London Sustainability Forum for facilitating.

The next formal event is the distribution of plants in May at the hub gardens – accompanied by creative and fun activities as part of the Wandsworth Fringe.
Before then we will be reaching out to find gardeners who want to take part. Please email us anytime if you would like to join in.

All welcome to join the Pollinator Paths Wandsworth Facebook page for info and updates.
Or email Charles at TTT to get involved.