Ten days ago the fabulous OaKomotion! travelling Carnival promenaded all round Furzedown.

The whole amazing sunny event was based on the sucess of the Furzedown Oak Community Project. 
In the Project community artists and host groups adopted sections of the large American Oak felled locally. Then they created sculptures to give the oak a rich and longer life. Read all about the Project here!

Oakomotion! started at 10:30 on Sunday 24th June outside Sprout Community Arts. As Fio Adamson says: 
“As soon as Vince and the Never Wilbies started playing outside Sprout at 10.30 on Sunday morning I realised that music in the streets is all we need to complete the Furzedown dream.”
Read about the whole carnival day in Fio’s report – read or download here.

Tooting Community Garden hosted the last part of the day. Fio writes:
“A secluded dream-place with bees buzzing, veggies growing and flowers greeting the sunshine.  The Bean Dragon made by myself and 80 others still lives and should live there for many years to come. Remember the Big Day Out 2016, Dahomey Road street party and the Foodival the same year? – yes,  you too probably chipped away then at the big piece of Oak and helped it on its way.”

Here’s the oak Bean Dragon – part bench, all magic:

Below there’s the new Community Garden table made with young refugees and asylum-seekers from the Tooting charity CARAS.
It’s inscribed in many languages with messages of welcome, and all were invited to add more. When there was no more room on top it was the turn of the table legs to be decorated. Come and see the Dragon and the table any Sunday from 11-1 when the Garden is open to all.

Really the whole day was about re-imagining, movement and change,
from a felled tree to some beautiful living sculptures; 
from all corners of Furzedown to our hidden but accessible oasis. 
Thanks to Fio and all the OaKomotion! team.
Here’s the dancing finale in the garden: