We’re thrilled with the fun and buzz at the Tooting Foodival last Saturday! Thanks to all who contributed their time, equipment, skills and produce to make it a success (see the I Grew This 2018 blog post).  Over 600 people took part on a sunny Tooting afternoon!
Much more to share about it soon on this blog.

The Tooting Foodival was the first in a series of free local events this autumn, all about exploring, influencing and creating sustainability in Tooting, together.

All invited to all of them!

Click here for a copy of the flyer.

The next event is a Tooting Debate on Weds 19th Sept:

‘Local Food is an Expensive Luxury’.

Yes, we know…..that’s intended to be provocative after the success of the community Foodival based on locally-grown food, local cooking and local eating together. 
Come along and share what you think! Details to come here on the blog.
The debate is on Weds 19th Sept from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm at The Selkirk Pub, SW17 0ES

We’ll promote and share details of all the other events in good time.