Thank you so much to the competition entrants, the judges and to the local enterprises who donated prizes for each class in the ‘Top Tooting Cook’ competition.
We had fabulous entries made with love and delicious fresh local ingredients…all adding up to good tasting and decision-making challenges for our panel of judges. The panel judged several classes as well as the overall ‘Top Tooting Cook’.
Thanks loads to Bryony Williams for her beautiful photos in this post.

Overall ‘Top Tooting Cook’ Winner: 
Norah Jane Brasington – not only for taste and look of all her entries to three categories, but also for her exceptional use of locally sourced fruit and veg, eggs and honey. 
Her choices symbolised the fundamental reasons of this festival which are encouraging the community to consider sustainable living by Growing Local and reducing the air miles our food travels –  thereby reducing carbon emissions.
A fabulous example of a community action response to addressing climate change!
Winner in the Savoury Class:

Farhana Wahab who made delicious Spinach and potato burgers from locally grown vegetables. The judges commented that ‘they are amazing and have great texture’.

Winner in the Dessert Class:
Rachel Crosby who made a blackberry and mint cake using locally grown fruit and mint. The judges were impressed especially by her beautiful presentation.

Winner in the Apples and Pears Class:
Norah Jane Brasington for her “beautifully moist” gluten-free apple and honey cake from locally sourced apples, eggs and honey! 

Winner in the Jams and Pickles Class:

Debbie Morey of Good Sorts won with her “delicious” Damson Jam with fruit sourced from a local allotment.

Special Commendation to ‘Baked Bean Boy’ for his hot kale and tomato salsa with “great heat”, all ingredients sourced from donations to Foodival 2018. 
The judges cogitate!
The audience enjoying a taste of the entries
Why not enter ‘TTC’ next year in Foodival 2019!