There’s a lot to share about all that’s happening at the Tooting Foodival on 14th September, so we’ll cover all of these in separate blog posts.

We hope you enjoy the info about our creative offer for adults and young people. All invited to our base in the large yard part way down Hereward Road.

Here’s your invitation 
to a diverse 6 hours of creativity:

Our schedule:

11:00-12:30 We’ll be micro-observing with Annie, Nikki & Chuck using magnifying glasses and a microscope, drawing and creating the first small worlds which we’ll post on Instagram with the hashtag #createfoodival. We started with posting a first example today – have a look.
We can’t wait to encourage visitors to be drawn to nature!
We’ll continue these activities all day in parallel with the timed special sessions below.

12:30-1:30 We welcome May Webber from the UK national charity Butterfly Conservation
May will bring specimens of insects for us to explore with the help of her expertise and enthusiasm. With May and Nicola we’ll draw and realise that what’s good for insects in London is also good for people.
MAYBE we will be able to run moth-trapping locally on Friday night, and bring the catch in unharmed to observe and draw.

1:30-3:00 Nikki and Matt will be creating Microbrellas – our spin-off from this spring’s Jellybrella project which created big jellyfish-sculptures using scrap umbrellas and linked sea life with ocean plastics.

Making beautiful detailed microbrellas also aims to highlight how minute nano-plastics in the oceans are as damaging pollution challenge as large-scale waste.

We may have a visit from Jasmine the Mermaid and her stop ocean plastics campaign!

3:00-4:30 Paul will lead us to create easy-to-use small home planters out of re-purposed materials. You can take these home and keep growing fresh food this autumn.

All day Think Outside will join us in the creative yard with excellent outdoor learning activities complementary to #createfoodival – thanks for joining us, Beata & Think Outside

We’ll display what you make on this inspiring sea turtle table made by Jamie Pattinson – it’s a wonderful object with a plastic waste message.

The #createfoodival facilitators look forward 
to seeing you on the 14th from 11:00 to 5:00. 
And there’s all the rest 
of the Foodival to enjoy, too!