This is a new and imaginative project that is being launched now and will run throughout 2017.

Pollinator Paths Wandsworth is all about encouraging local gardeners to establish small patches as wildlife havens. Several community gardens are involved, so there will be plenty of support. It’s going to be a good project to strengthen growing links across the borough.

We’ll encourage many gardeners to grow selected varieties of plants which in turn are good forage for insects.
Spinach moth image by Roy Leverton, Butterfly Conservation.

We’re mixing growing with citizen science: we’ll research the ‘microclimates’ of London plots, balconies and windowboxes both for growing and for insects, we’ll share the results and we’ll take part in a fascinating and fun practical experiment together.

Individuals, families, schools can get involved – anyone with a plot even if it’s small – and beginners are welcome as we’ll share all the how-tos.

Why benefit insects? Maybe it sounds backwards to plant for the benefit of insects, but suitable habitat and forage are both reducing across London. Click here for the flyer.

The project programme:

  • The first phase is research into city microclimates, what insects to support and what to grow. 
  • That will happen in 2 free public workshops on Friday March 10th and Saturday March 11th – all welcome to join one of the events on whichever date suits. More info to come; the Friday 10th workshop will be in Tooting and the Saturday 11th workshop in Wandsworth Town, both running from 2:00 to 5:00.
  • Then we’ll resource the plants that we select to grow.
  • The young plants will be shared out in May to those who are taking part. You’ll get support from several community growing spaces in Wandsworth. Tooting Community Garden’s plant-sharing day is Sunday May 21st
  • In summer we’ll all be growing the selected plants at our different sites: noting what does well, what crops we get, what insects find the plots and sharing information on facebook

How to get involved?

  • You can sign up that you are interested via this online form – no commitment.
  • You can email us at TTT or talk to us at the Tooting Community Garden or another TTT event

Plus: There’s an extra ingredient of creativity being stirred into the pot. The plant-sharing in May will be part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival Fringe, and as part of the Fringe there will be free family arts events linked to Pollinator Paths at each of the gardens.

The project has been put together by London Sustainability Exchange working in depth with the various gardens. TTT is thrilled to be in this partnership.

We hope that you will be interested to take part in this fascinating 
growing and biodiversity project this year – all welcome.