Over seventy years ago the 
organic agriculture pioneer 
Sir Albert Howard stated :
 “The health of soil, plant, 

animal and man 
is one and indivisible”

Taking care of the soil where we grow our food, making compost, reducing waste, healthy eating, exploring the ‘circular economy’ of growing plants, beginning to understand the web of beneficial organisms that exists below and above ground:  

our gardens, kitchens, eating and shopping preferences are the forums for all of these.
We can all learn more and make our own contributions even more valuable, right here in Tooting.

Wandsworth Borough Council has published a post in its website about food waste and composting, and we’re copying some of the links here because they are accessible and practical ways being offered this spring and summer to learn more and share experience.

  • Firstly, there’s the Wandsworth Composting Project – all the details are here in this flier. TTT and other partners are contributing too.
  • Secondly there’s a practical workshop on composting skills on June 4th at Bramford Community Garden – here’s the flier.
  • Thirdly, there’s the Grow Your Own at Home! gardening classes sponsored by Be Enriched, taking place near Tooting Broadway and starting on June 10th. Here’s the flier.

In June and early July there are further public compost advice sessions planned – when the dates are fixed we’ll share them.

Home composting may look like a dark art: 
these events will share the skills to demistify it for local residents.

The Wildlife Gardening Forum has a website that’s a treasure house of experience, including a good web page on soil and fertility: click here to read it.

Home composters provide a community service as well as benefiting our own gardens by returning organic material to the soil. We remove kilos of kitchen waste per household every week from the borough’s waste transport and processing. That borough service has a carbon cost as well as a financial cost – we can reduce both costs by working with our waste to recognise it as a valuable resource.

Wandsworth Food Partnership  is complementary to these topics. It’s been developing over the past year as a network of people and organisations interested in food in Wandsworth. That means community groups, enterprises, charities, churches, gardens, schools, the health sector…

Taking part is not restricted and maybe in time there will be thousands of members including families and individuals: all contributing to developing the local food culture in diverse ways.
There’s a WFP facebook page, please get in contact for more detail.

    You’ll see our priorities on the WFP shopping bag:
    > Working together
    > Reducing food waste
    > Sustainability
    > Cultural aspects of food
    > Healthy eating
    > Physical activity

    Over the next twelve months the partnership is going to act as a hub: inspiring, celebrating, sharing, linking and reaching out to as many local groups and people as possible in each of these priority areas.

    These food priorities can all interrelate locally to inspire a positive food culture in Wandsworth. 
    In a similar way, soil organisms combine to create good compost in our gardens….