Two timely and exciting conversations for Green Drinks next Wednesday – Foodival 2017 and the General Election! 7.30pm – 9.30pm at The Selkirk Pub, Selkirk Road

Have you ever been interested in our annual Food Festival – Foodival!?! Perhaps you’ve participated? Grown chillies on a balcony or visited Tooting Community Garden one Sunday lunchtime? Perhaps you have an allotment…

We’ll be having an open Foodival discussion on the evening of with 8 Tooting folks who have brought energy and ideas to the table for Foodival 2017 – our tenth one!

Connecting with local food businesses, cooking with Be Enriched Bike kitchen? Taking part in Top Tooting Cook anyone??? How about a soup disco? Sounds mad? it did happen last year and was a hoot!

Foodival can be lots of different things to lots of different people, but at its heart is a celebration of the food culture of Tooting which brings together all the communities living in this Town we call home.

Do come if you’d like to hear more! And check out our blog for previous Foodival stories HERE

In the second part of Green Drinks, we’ll look at what the political parties are saying about sustainability, perhaps loads? perhaps nothing? A useful document to help us is the Greener Jobs Alliance top 10 demands for out new Government, you can read them HERE

Those of all political persuasions are welcome, this is about discussion and understanding of issues that matter, to plant seeds for the future…