We’d like to welcome everyone to the Tooting Community Garden on Sunday 21st May from 12:00 to 4:00 for our free Pollinator Party!
Find us at 5 North Drive, SW16 1RN.

What’s a Pollinator Party?
It’s a lovely afternoon in the garden. We’re mixing together fun and instructive activities that focus on planting, beneficial insects and sharing our own growing experience of city gardening, Tooting style. 

What’s good for our gardens and insects is also good for us!

What can you come and do on the 21st?

  • We’ll celebrate the Community Garden’s 6th birthday with games, volcano kettle tea – and a cake. 
  • We’ll offer practical do-it-yourself making opportunities – creating cloches from plastic bottles and inventing wall planters from textile and plywood for strawberries or herbs.
  • We’ll have quizzes and activities about insects and pollination – and Lola Godoy’s geodesic dome to enjoy as a special habitat during the afternoon.
  • We’ll have a rolling workshop to distribute plants to the local people who have already signed up to join in with the Pollinator Paths Wandsworth project. Developed with London Sustainability Exchange, in this project 4 borough community gardens are each involving local gardeners (novices too) who will grow insect-friendly plants throughout 2017 on balconies, patios, at school, in the street and in back gardens. Over 60 local gardeners will share what they see, learn, enjoy and taste.
  • Feel free to relax, bring a picnic (we’re an alcohol-free site) – and of course do some gardening if you like.



We’ll run all the activities throughout the afternoon – and we’ll stop for tea together and blow out the candles on the cake at 3:30 pm.

We’re very pleased that the day is part of both the Wandsworth Arts Fringe and the Chelsea Fringe: both full of other great events.

We want this project, and all our community garden sessions, to help inspire new links, share skills and spark growing in lots of diverse settings across the whole borough.

Lola and her dome will be with us on the 21st!
Where are the Pollinator Paths project plants coming from?
Almost all of them have been grown in Tooting by our friends at Share in their lovely garden tucked away in Springfield Hospital. Perennial plants and bulbs have been ordered in. The result is high quality and very low ‘plant miles’, a great sustainability feature of the project.
Nasturtium & lemon lavender
Bare-rooted red currants
Please email us if you have any queries about the Pollinator Party or the ‘PPW’ project.

Join in the Pollinator Paths Wandsworth facebook page to keep in touch with the project, and read the project description here.
And finally, here’s the first post (for April) in the series that will continue telling the project story throughout 2017.

How to carry a planter home