Lovely Green Drinks in Tooting last night at The Selkirk, thanks for hosting! 
We got to know the London National Park City initiative better and asked how we would raise London’s green cover from 48% (current) to 51%???? Our answer is…, Parklets! Green up the base of trees, hand over 1 car parking space to green infrastructure! Guerrilla Garden where you can! Turn the small spaces green, lobby the council to use
So… where would YOU create a Parklet?
We launched Green Book Club! Whoop! Want to join in? We have 2 articles to read which will be part of the discussion at the next Tooting Green Drinks: 
  • Is talk about it the most important thing we can do about climate change?…

  • After plastic bag tax what should we tax next?…/six-billion-plastic-bags-cant…

So… How could Green Book Club work best for you?? Online discussion? Articles? Youtube vids and TEDtalks? Books?
AND… we talked about a programme of short, informal talks in the new year – watch this space for announcements on that.
So… who would you like to come to Tooting Green Drinks to give short talks? What themes could we cover?
AND!!!! We talked up Dipa’s secret, tasty idea… but you really will have to wait to hear more about that one… yum!
Green Drinks is an International idea to create informal spaces for discussion and getting to know like minded people in your area.
We host a Tooting Green Drinks on the third Wednesday of every month at The Selkirk Pub, 60 Selkirk Street, SW17 0ES between 7.30pm and 9.30pm