As part of Repairfest, on Friday 12th November, TTT hosted an enjoyable sewing box workshop for women refugees from CARAS, in the hospitable surroundings of Mushkil Aasaan. Most of the materials for the workshop were sourced from the Work and Play Scrapstore. Supplies included a variety of small boxes, fabric, ribbons, braids and felts, as well as the contents of each box: scissors, needles, spare buttons, threads.

First we decorated each box, gluing on fabric, trimmings and feathers. Then we had fun making dome-shaped pincushions for the inside of our box lids and little needle books.

Feedback from the women was that they really needed a safe social space like this to gather together and share their worries. It was great to see them visibly relaxing as they took on these creative tasks. They were laughing and chatting and helping one another.

Each participant took home a beautifully decorated box filled with all the sewing necessities for future mending and repair projects!

At the request of the participants we are working with Oxfam, Tooting on a plan to host regular sewing workshop for the group.